IV. International Blacksmiths’ Gathering

4th. International Blacksmiths’ Meeting

Budapest, Festival of Folk Arts 17 to 20 August 2017



” Forge welding, or the secret of Notre Dame’s Gates Hinges”

The Association of Hungarian Folk Artists and the Hungarian Blacksmith Guild invites smiths who are interested in forge welding and who are ready to deepen their knowledge in the field and share
their “knowhow” with their professional mates, to take part at an international blacksmiths’ meeting.

It is for the fourth time that the international blacksmiths’ meeting is organized within the framework of the Festival of Folk Arts, one of the most outstanding folk art festivals of Europe that will have its 31st edition this year.

Forge welding, the theme of the meeting is a tribute to the 25th anniversary of the Guild. Among the traditional craft techniques of forging, the forge welding is of utmost importance. Due to the modern welding technique forge welding is slowly drown out of practice while it is so indispensable in
creating artistic forged works.

The Guild has done much to keep alive the knowledge of forged welding among our members and colleagues. In this work we owe a lot to Walfrid HUBER our Austrian smithcraft artist colleague.

Walfrid Huber, is the blacksmith workshop leader of the Mauerbach monument protection
institute’s training center. Members of our Guild have often taken part in his courses in order to
perfected their skills During the courses we got to know the different versions of forged welding
including that special procedures of the welding that enabled smiths to create such extremely complex
structure like the Gate Hinges of the Notre Dame in Paris.

Our meeting would like to show to participants the upper level of the forged welding technique and we would also like to learn about the methods and experiences of our masters.

Terms and Conditions of Participation:

Participation fee is 100 Euro or 30 000 HUF that contains the cost of the accommodation and a hot meal / day and free entrance to the Festival of Folk Arts and to all the programs of the Festival.

The working language of the meeting will be Hungarian and English. We will try to provide suitable interpreters as soon as we have a list of participating masters.

YOU CAN APPLY by filling the attached application form and by forwarding the filled application
until the 30th of May, 2017 to the following address:

Takáts Zoltán 2097 Pilisborosjenő, Szt. Donát u. 35. 
e-mail: takats.zoltan1@t-online.hu

The program of the meeting

August 16. 2017. Breakfast: Meeting guests, registration, check in

August 17. 2017.

08. 00 – 10.00: Arrival to meeting venue

11. 00 – 12.00: Schedule of presentations, discussing the programs

14.00: Opening ceremony of the meeting and of the exhibition

15.00: Walfrid Huber’s presentation

17.00 – 20. 00: Members of the Hungarian Blacksmith Guild will present their

August 18. 2017.

09. 00: Presentation of the film „ The Devil’s Smith”

10.00 – 20.00: Guest Blacksmiths present their craft

August 19. 2017.

09.00: Presentation of the forged welding – training video

10.00 – 20.00: Smithcraft workshops

August 20. 2017.

10.00 – 16.00: Smithcraft workshops

17.00: Closing ceremony

Szentendre képei
Miskolc-Felsőhámor-Újmassa képei
Aszód képei
Mauerbach képei